Sunday, 25 September 2011

The first of many :D

Hi guys, Since I started this blog I have been showing my college work as I do it in updates.... I left the whole summer break period blank when really shouldn't have lol my bad. Though there isn't a lot to share but there definitely something to share all the same.

After my first year I decided I needed to get back into drawing again like I use to do when I was younger, I used to always be drawing something from the age of ten but at some Point when I moved onto do media btec at college that stopped, but now that I'm back doing art I want to do what I always loved which is to draw and hopefully turn that into a career.

Anyway starting with this post I am going to post drawings that I've done past and present. First I have my most recent drawing that I had been working on most recently and finished august of this year while I was on holiday at my cousins house in Scotland. I will also show the process I went through in sketches before I came to a final conclusion and where it might go next, because I'm not sure I finished yet but we will see. After this post you will see more of my drawings that I have done in the past that I am particularly proud of and when I start producing new characters, you will see them too.... enjoy :D