Thursday, 7 May 2015

University Project: Illustration: Bookworks project

This was my final project for the year before Easter break, so yes there has been quite a delay in me posting these images.  

The project was an Artist book project where we were required to choose a novel from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novels, I decided fairly quickly that it wasn't going to be a Sherlock Holmes novel as I figured it was what a lot of people were going to be chose. But to be honest we were only meant to take inspiration from it, we weren't turn the novel into an artist book or illustrating it.

I chose 'the Lost World' because it was far and away different from Sherlock Holmes. Interestingly enough my project started out going in a completely different direction. The book was going to sort of prove the plausibility of Dinosaurs surviving to present day or at least to the time of the book.

This proved to be too complex, and with the time scale for this project I decided I needed to focus it more on one thing, rather than multiple things. I was going to have 3 sections, one for the volcanic aspect, the mountain plateau and dinosaurs. I brought my focus in on the volcanic aspect, doing a book on around volcanoes was much more interesting and also manageable.

So in the this final artist book I looked at aspects of a volcano from its Shape, size, temperatures it reaches, the eruptions and just for fun I finished with how to make a volcano.

It was a fairly enjoyable project, it wasn't a complete success but I managed, and I was happy with it for the most part, it could have been improved if I had more time though.