Thursday, 28 June 2012

Update: I've finished the BTEC in Art & Design as of last week

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay with this latest update but I've just pre-occupied with things. 

Anyway I have finally finished the BTEC Extended Diploma in Art & Design, the last project was awesome  but also a lot of hardwork and stressful at times. 

This was my Final Major Project which gave me the opportunity to do what ever I wanted to do, so I decided to go in the direction of illustration which I am really interested in do in the future. I really wanted to do something that was on a larger scale than I had done in previous projects before and after Public Art, so I decided to produce a large scale illustration based around Weymouth and its music scene, Which has been slowly growing in Weymouth for the past year or so thanks to Hourglass promotions.(
Secret Walls Euro League Semi-Final 2010: Amsterdam & Lisbon

I took a lot of inspiration from the works of Secret, which produce a lot  of large scale illustrations in black and white. I produce my illustration with Posca pens which are basically paint pens, i got the idea for using this media from one of my favourite artists Jon Burgerman who produces Doodle Art with Posca pens and acrylic paint. I also had some inspiration from the hourglass promo free gig posters.


My illustration consists of aspects of Weymouth particularly focusing on  the places where the music scene takes place. So we've got Weymouth beach, the town centre from across the harbour, Finns and the Pavilion. Then also King Kong and Godzilla who represent the music and what goes down at the gigs/concerts taking place in Finns or the Pavillion.

Here it is and as you can see a lot detail went into this and there was a point when I kept wanting to add more to it but thankfully I stopped when I did because otherwise it may been too much.