Tuesday, 13 November 2012

what have I been up to? Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & Media:- Exploratory stage

Well its been a while hasn't it but I've been busy, I'm 8/10 weeks(depending on how you count them) into the course and Its been a much faster pace than I'm use to with the exploratory stage meaning a different workshop every week with two review weeks. Some have been better than others but have been very useful. Some of the particularly frustrating ones have been the ones that come up just before a review and should have been the ones I've enjoyed. 

But first of all I am going to take you back to the Summer project which got me on the course which was a great project to over the summer and it would be good to revisit in the future as there is a lot more could do with it, anyway here it is as it stands and it looks at the mystery of the forest or at least how it was once a mysterious place filled with mysterious creatures.


Next I'm going to highlight some of the workshops which I have been really good or not so good but mainly the work I went as far as to take a photo of it but I think got most of them anyway, there will be gaps I expect.

I've been able to do 'Photography' which essentially a refresher for me but very helpful, 'Animation' which was awesome and I'll post that if it will let, Graphics which was the most gruelling and time consuming, 'Printmaking' which just a refresher, 'Painting' it abstract art and was very fun I essentially did what I felt like doing :), 'Illustration' stressful even when its the specialism I'd like to work in but when you don't have a specific style and your lecturer wants to produce 20 thumbnails and try different media outcomes its difficult to do that in a week, the same with Graphics, but they were both useful.