Friday, 13 February 2015

University Project: Social Awareness: Feminism


With this project I hoped to change people's view on feminism, as my research revealed that it’s often viewed as a bit of dirty word, all about women who hate men and that it should be ignored. But in fact it is so much more than that most people don't know its true definition, it’s about equality of the sexes or more accurately Gender equality. I also want to put across this message to men in particular as they are the ones who need to be supporting this movement as it is often those men that can make a difference.

So its about everyone being able to embrace the label of feminist and realise that the fight for equal rights isn't over and that if your someone who believes in equality among the sexes and can't stand the ill-treatment of women is wrong then you might just be a feminism. It is a men’s issue as well because it’s not just women who are having a hard time, Gender stereotypes and double standards have men trapped, we are constantly being told what a man should be and what a women should be, Masculinity and Femininity we aren't allowed be somewhere in the middle or one side over the other if it doesn’t match our gender. This means we are allowed to be our true selves, to be human, so we are in fact for some of us we are incomplete people living in silent misery because of how society defines men and what were expected to be, that’s why suicide is the biggest killer of men, we aren’t allowed to be vulnerable, to show emotion or even cry because it’s not manly.

Anyway this became a very important subject for me because I have dealt and still dealing with this conflict, I want to be seen as a man but some aspects of myself, may lead that into question, what is right for me? Can I be what society wants me to and be my true self, is there a middle ground? Where is it?