Monday, 24 October 2011

I actually like doing photography :D

hello, I've recently finished my first term of the 2nd year of my course in Art & Design and I got to do Photography, so I'm going to tell you a bit about it an show you what I did for it. For this project I was introduced to the traditional SLR camera, which uses black & white film and develop it and print my photos. I also got to use a Digital SLR camera which allowed for more trial and error and allowed to take pictures colour and to print them through a computer rather than in the more complex way in a dark room.

It was a lot of fun taking pictures with a Digital SLR camera, especially when it came to using a Macro Lens where I got some great pictures of things really close-up. I have a lot of outdoor photos and studio photos that I took for my initial experimenting with the Digital SLR camera and the Macro lens but the photos I would take for my exhibition piece on 'Looking Through'.

I really liked how the macro lens gave me even enhanced close-ups, bringing out all the little details and textures on the surface. So I looked at trees and there variety in surfaces on the tree bark. I took numerous photos but narrowed them down to just 24 photos which I would arrange to become a whole tree, this is how they would be composed in the exhibition of our class photography work. 
Below is my photos in there arrangement, the last 3 are what it would look like on a wall like if they were on display (I foolishly didn't take a picture of them in there exhibition so I set them up at home). 

After this post I have put up some slide shows of these photos and other photos I have taken during this project. I hope you enjoy and appreciate them. :D  U can find them at the bottom of the blog page with another slide show I did a while back.