Saturday, 12 January 2019

Inktober 2018

So here is some of my illustrations for Inktober 2018, finally took me long enough, but that is just me I tend to procrastinate, plus I had a lot of things going on around that time that kept me busy from Family stuff to my Mental Health, so please forgive anyone who is following my blog.

Anyway this Inktober is essentially a sequel to last year, all the monsters from last year but all are meeting their demise if they ever did or just an alternate scene from the film. This wasn't the most successful Inktober so I am only showing a select few entries. But here you go and enjoy and check out my instagram for the rest.  

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Dorset County Museum Project 1: My Dinosaur Illustrations are on Merchandise Part 2


So I now have even more merchandise with my drawings on being sold at Dorset County Museum and they look great. I have also received news that I will be getting more publicity from Dorset County Museum with regards to my illustrations and the work I have been doing for them. I don't know all the details right now but they want to do some sort of feature on me as an illustrator on their website and possibly in their newsletter, I'm not 100% sure so watch this space.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Dorset County Museum Project 1: My Dinosaur Illustrations are on DCM Merchandise - Part 1

So my Illustrations are now on pieces merchandise sold in the Dorset County Museum Gift Shop. It is very exciting even though I will likely never profit from it as I explained in last post, but I am doing everything I can to get recognition for my work, so it becomes great publicity for me.

This is Part 1 as there are still a few more pieces of merchandise which have yet to arrive so I will be posting photos of them when they arrive so watch this space.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Dorset County Museum: Illustration Project 2 - Colouring in sheets

This was my second project out Dorset County Museum that I also completed very recently. This project asked me to pull focus onto some of the artifacts in the museum and give children some exciting new things to colour in and also encourage them to explore the museum a bit more. 

These will hopefully be printed in large quantities for all visiting families and young school children at the Dorset County Museum. Hopefully I will begin to hear how they are being received in the upcoming weeks and will hopefully result in more projects in the future.

Dorset County Museum: Illustration Project

This was a very exciting project for me as an aspiring illustrator to get after being over year out of University. Also I only got the opportunity to do when I was encouraged to Volunteer at Dorset County Museum in their Marketing Department. So yeah I didn't get paid for this and probably never will see any money from but perhaps I will get some great opportunities., which would be great for me.

This project asked me to produce a series of 4 drawings of dinosaurs, ones that actually feature in the museums in the Jurassic Gallery or as of recently in the Victorian Hall of Dorset County Museum 'Dippy' the Diplodocus. The other dinosaurs include the Icthyosaur, the Plesiosaur and the Pliosaur, which are oceanic dinosaurs have been found along the Jurassic Coast.

These Dinosaur illustrations would be printed onto the disposable coffee cups which are used at the museums cafe and they would also be seen on various merchandise from Key rings to pencils, rulers, a bag for life bag, magnets and so on. So it is very exciting for me and fingers crossed that they are successful and I can get some publicity from it and more projects as well.

I should hopefully be getting some of the merchandise for myself to then be able to take photos of in the next few weeks, so keep an eye on this space.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Inktober 2017

This October I took part in a social media event called Inktober, the rules were pretty simple, produce a piece of art/drawing/illustration everyday only using ink. I interpreted it how I liked and produced a series of drawings around the theme of movie monsters and here is what I produced using ink brush pens.

As you can seen I have one drawing which is a bit out of place, the dementor (the top image), I found myself essentially doing a lot of portraits and some landscape drawings which were either of the whole character or their face, each had a background when space need to be filled with something, even if its just a solid colour.

Of course none of these are really perfect but the nature of Inktober, meant whatever I produced was often final for me as the pressure of not missing a day and getting my latest drawing posted at the same or a similar time every day, didn't leave me much room for second attempts, though sometimes there was and those were the exceptions. My mistakes came about mostly because the drawings were completely free hand with no pencils used to plan out or structure my drawings. This decision may have hurt the outcomes of my drawings, but it was a learning experience and did produce some interesting results.

This last month was certainly an experience for me and allowed me just to produce work that was just informed by how I was feeling with the theme of movie monsters. It wasn't about mental health or my own feelings with anxiety, that had become all that my Instagram was about. Another thing was it also allowed me to add some colour to my instagram page, which is always nice.    

So please feel free to visit my instagram to see where these were posted, you will find they are cropped in some way but that is due to the space given by Instagram which I decided to make work for my drawings by cropping them in way that was still visually appealing.