Tuesday, 14 June 2016

My Degree Show: Set up for 27th May private view

There were some minor changes with the display, which included an updated Zine (I fixed the cover and other typos, etc.) and the stickers went into the art shop to be sold at the show.

Monday, 7 March 2016

The Booby Booklet: 3 women on a bench illustration

Originally commissioned to produce just an illustration of 3 women sitting on a bench talking, each of varying ethnicity and breast size. The first of the illustrations you see here was them fully clothed, which was perfectly harmless but then upon completion of the sketch the client asked that they be topless as well as various other small changes as you can see between the second and final piece.

I was apprehensive at first and produced two versions, clothed and topless. I soon realised it was about so much more than an illustration of 3 women but of 3 women liberated because they can now be topless in public, obviously this isn't true yet, but for what the booklet intended. Its meant to or will encourage women to love there boobs and also raise awareness of the fact that women can't be topless in public like men, even though when you think about it, there isn't any difference.

An education for me as male, who was a little reluctant to be associated with this sort of illustration that I had produced because of the controversy, even though I'm someone who wants Gender Equality and supports Feminism, but I'm all for it now as I am posting it here in this blog. I think I can be proud to be a part of something like this that aspires to accomplish so much. 

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