This blog post is well over due, was meant to be posted months ago, but here it is, what was actually the most fun project I have had the pleasure of doing and it was a group project.

Why was it a pleasure? well because I finally got to do a comic and do it right, unlike the last time back in my 1st year of uni.

I was in a group 5 and together we came up with our own superhero personas which were meant to be a bunch of misfits that meet online and think they should form a team. Anyway chaos issues when they have their first meeting in public and this is what this short comic & zine is, an introduction to what could become a series. 

It has inspired me to look back at comic book creating and comic art and storytelling, to see where I can go with it

This was a collaborative effort but as for what I contributed was: the cover art, the illustrations of my superhero persona ERUPTION both in character page and comic, also I wrote the story for the comic and designed the layout and content of the panels for the comic.

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