Monday, 12 March 2012

2012 whats been happening...

Hello everyone, a lot has happened since I last posted, so lets catch up....

Well there was Xmas and I've got a Digital SLR camera :D a Canon 60D, which is awesome so I'll be post some pictures on here soon and my flickr as well (might just do that and post a slideshow). Also Ive been back at college so that means new projects such as 'Public Art' where I got to do a painting with someone else on my course for the Science Department which was awesome, a bit Love & Hate Experience but still great to have been able to do and it turned out amazing. Here is a picture (the painting is slanted I'm afraid, sorry) :-
These two sections of the painting which I've show the circles which were done by Laura the person on my course, as you can see she is a brilliant painter as you can see. Basically to split the design between us and the work, I would paint the background (everything except the galaxy) and 3 of the circles (from the centre to the right). Then Laura would paint the Galaxy, the rest of the circles and all the fine detail around the circles. This was a lot of work and took a week to just paint it all before 1/2 term, but it was worth the stress :D.

Ok, As for what I am doing now currently is 'Narrative Image & Printmaking' it didn't have the best of starts with all the work we had to and the time we had to have it done by but its now starting to get a bit better (slowly but surely)

Basically I am producing 3 final outcomes that will be Narrative Images based a piece of Text(s) and will have an element of print in them. I am basing mine around song Lyrics from my all time favourite band 'Slipknot' and taking songs from the album Iowa, which is a brilliant album. I hope to produce 3 outcomes which are 3 pieces album artwork each representing a song from this album.