Sunday, 26 August 2012

the Summer Project

Well its been a while since I last posted but here is a quick update, over the summer I've been working on my Foundation Summer Project which has been a big learning experience for me and been the most rewarding.

I had done this project before since i'd applied for the foundation diploma and had been unsuccessful, but this time i had two years on the BTEC in Art & Design under my belt so I was definitely better prepared.... this project required that I go see some exhibitions but of course going to London was out of the question, so I settled for some local exhibitions in Bridport which were just fine.

Afterwards I felt inspired to start my project, coming with an idea was tough since I had nobody to share & bounce ideas with but I managed just fine, once ideas started flowing I could follow through with research and ideas...and thus my project was on its way.

I did a lot more work on this project  than I had done in my previous attempt two years ago and I think its going to pay off, this project has had its high's and low's, I've stressed over it pushing myself to work on it everyday little by my final piece is near completion :D

I will have pictures up soon but for now, I just want to let know how I'm doing...I using my stress to motivate and push myself forward, thinking carefully about everything I'm bit by bit but not stressing about the mistakes too much and just going with and seeing what happens and so far its paid off :D