Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Inktober 2017

This October I took part in a social media event called Inktober, the rules were pretty simple, produce a piece of art/drawing/illustration everyday only using ink. I interpreted it how I liked and produced a series of drawings around the theme of movie monsters and here is what I produced using ink brush pens.

As you can seen I have one drawing which is a bit out of place, the dementor (the top image), I found myself essentially doing a lot of portraits and some landscape drawings which were either of the whole character or their face, each had a background when space need to be filled with something, even if its just a solid colour.

Of course none of these are really perfect but the nature of Inktober, meant whatever I produced was often final for me as the pressure of not missing a day and getting my latest drawing posted at the same or a similar time every day, didn't leave me much room for second attempts, though sometimes there was and those were the exceptions. My mistakes came about mostly because the drawings were completely free hand with no pencils used to plan out or structure my drawings. This decision may have hurt the outcomes of my drawings, but it was a learning experience and did produce some interesting results.

This last month was certainly an experience for me and allowed me just to produce work that was just informed by how I was feeling with the theme of movie monsters. It wasn't about mental health or my own feelings with anxiety, that had become all that my Instagram was about. Another thing was it also allowed me to add some colour to my instagram page, which is always nice.    

So please feel free to visit my instagram to see where these were posted, you will find they are cropped in some way but that is due to the space given by Instagram which I decided to make work for my drawings by cropping them in way that was still visually appealing.

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